By James A. Rocco and Albert Evans

Cast Size

3 Men & 3 Women

  • Keyboard 1 (Piano & Synth with Keyboard Split/Conductor)
  • Keyboard 2 (Synth with keyboard split)
  • Bass (Acoustic and Electric)
  • Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)
  • Drums & Percussion Toys


Sound information

Mic Notes

  • 6 Wireless body mics for cast
  • Occasional “Prop” Wireless handhelds
  • 3 Vocal mics for band
  • 1-2 offstage vocal mics

Unit Set with “70s pop art” background and “pop out” pieces that become podiums, chairs, a living room and a disco. Lots of color.  In the original production the band was onstage and the set was multi leveled and modular so it could morph into various location: the set for the television game show, “Scream That Theme” into a sitcom living room and later into a spectacular disco.


Best show I have ever seen....ever!

John Smith, Smith Chronicles

I agree with John.

Jane Smith, Smith Chronicles

They both are correct! What a wonderful show!

Josef Smith, Smith Chronicles

This Show is for you!

Associated Press
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Welcome 70s fanatics!

Are you ready to get Hooked on the 70s? This outrageous musical dash through the music and events of the 1970s is a hit with fans of all ages. Set at a “70s A OK” meeting, Hooked on the 70s is the place for people who rock CB radios over fancy cell phones, believe in puka shells, mood rings and clogs, and love the sounds of the 1970s.

The show features a cast of 6 knockout performers and over 30 of the feel-good Top 40 tunes from the 1970s. You’ll journey through game shows, sitcoms, disco, earth shoes, natural highs, pet rocks, lava lamps and the political unrest of the decade.

The Associated Press said “this show is for you” and audiences couldn’t agree more.

So don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind show. Get Hooked on the 70s and experience the decade like never before.

Licensed by Broadway Licensing

Cast Breakdown

The Cast

All must be triple threats with a solid comic sensibility.  Great pop singers who can handle musical styles ranging from the Carpenters to LaBelle to The Village People.

TRIPP (Man 1)

A dazed and confused adult. High Rock Tenor.

Plays: TIM, the “pop star” son in "27 Bubblegum Lane" a 70's sitcom, a draft dodger, JO JO, the "winner of last week’s hustle contest," a trucker, and a backwoods “Deliverance” type. *TRIPP is also the "streaker".  

TYRONE (Man 2)

A Lou Rawls type who came to "party". Must sing R&B as well as pop.

Plays: POPS, a stagehand in “Scream That Theme”, DR. GRADY, the father in "27 Bubblegum Lane" - a 70's sitcom, A student revolutionary, the VILLAGE PERSON.  

DONNY (Man 3)

An "Up with People" type (Donny Osmond) with a toothy smile. Great pop singer and great comedian.

Plays: TAP KNEEJERK, a game show host in "Scream That Theme", CARVER, the myopic and brainy son in "27 Bubblegum Lane" a 70's sitcom, a student revoltutionary, TONY MARINO, a Saturday Night Disco King, a John Denver type

CHRISSIE (Woman 1)

A blonde (Suzanne Somers) 70's bombshell type. Must be an excellent singer and dancer.

Plays: a Karen Carpenter type, MELANIE COLLINS, the sex crazed girl next door in "27 Bubblegum Lane" a 70's sitcom, a HIPPIE CHICK modem dancer, LEESHA "last week' s winner of the hustle contest", and a Toni Tenille type.

GLORIA (Woman 2)

A tough women's (Gloria Steinem) libber. Must be an excellent comedian and singer.

Plays: ZANNA O’MANNA, a whacked-out Vanna White type in "Scream That Theme" PEGGY, the house keeper in "27 Bubblegum Lane" a 70's sitcom, A student revoltutionary, SCARIE WHITE (Carrie's cousin), a female trucker, and a backwoods “Deliverance” type.

ANGELA (Woman 3)

A former disco diva, a Tina Turner type. Great dancer and fierce R&B singer.

Plays: a Patti LaBelle type, POOKIE, the youngest pigtailed daughter in "27 Bubblegum Lane" a 70's sitcom, A student revoltutionary (an Angela Davis type), SONNA, a Donna Summers type and a trucker.

Additional Information

Director’s Note

HOOKED ON THE 70s, is a kaleidoscopic musical flashback to the 1970s.  

Each scene introduces a cultural happening from the decade.  Within each scene are memories related to those phenomena that tumble into each other and morph—ultimately creating a pop collage of the entire decade.

It is a comedy based in the joy of remembering a tumultuous and fast paced time.  Simultaneously (for the people who may not have these memories) there is the music.  Each song authentically conjures up the original hit.  Although the performers are not impersonating the original artists, they pay homage to the original hits by incorporating quirks and phrasing from those recordings and morphing them into refreshed and alive performances.  

Technically all departments are asked to be familiar with the basis of the show’s references and then take them to the max.   When designing, keep in mind that HOOKED ON THE 70s takes place right now as a collage of oversized memories from the period.  The reality is heightened and idealized.  It must always be goosey and fun and never be condescending to the times.

The music is authentic, and the visuals must be too.

Songs & Scenes

Act I

Scene 1:  Round Robin, a “70-A-OK” meeting

  • You Sexy Thing — Tyrone
  • Have You Never Been Mellow — Chrissie & Women
  • Smoking in The Boys Room — Tripp & Men
  • I Am Woman — Gloria & Women
  • Everything Is Beautiful — Donny & Men

Scene 2:  The Midnight Special: Space Rock, a 70s Space Rock Concert

  • Lady Marmalade — Angela w/ Chrissie & Gloria

Scene 3:  Scream That Theme, a 70s television game show, where audience members shout out the titles of television and movie theme songs for a chance to win glamorous prizes.

  • The Theme from Scream That Theme — Band
  • Mystery Theme 1 — Zanna O’Manna
  • Mystery Theme 2 — Zanna O’Manna
  • Mystery Theme 3 — Zanna O’Manna

Scene 4:  The Midnight Special: MOR, A 70s Easy Listening Concert

  • Rainy Days and Mondays — Chrissie

Scene 5:  27 Bubblegum Lane, a 70s sitcom starring that happy family, The Gradys

  • Theme from 27 Bubblegum Lane
  • Brand New Key — Melanie Collins
  • Joy to the World — Pookie, Carver, Tim, Melanie & Peggy
  • You Light Up My Life — Peggy
  • Love Will Keep Us Together — Company

Scene 6:  Ball of Confusion, a student protest

  • War Cries — Tripp & Company
  • What’s Going ON
  • Peace Train — Company

Act II

Scene 1:  Scarie’s Saturday Night Towering Disco Inferno, a Disco Opera

  • Disco Inferno — Scarie & Company
  • I Love the Nightlife — Sonna
  • Treat Her Like A Lady — Tony & Co.
  • In The Village — The Village Person
  • Last Dance –Scarie
  • The Morning After — LeeSha & Company

Scene 2:  The Midnight Special: Natural High, a 70s Outdoor Concert

  • Take Me Home Country Roads — Donny w/Gloria
  • The Air That I Breathe — Donny, Angela & Tripp

Scene 3:  Mother Trucker, the driver’s seat of 3 semis

  • Convoy — Trucker & Trucking Buddies

Scene 4:  The Nightmare, a 70s News broadcast

  • MacArthur Park — Company

Scene 6:  Finale: I’m OK and You’re OK, a “70-A-OK” meeting

  • I Will Survive — Angela & Company

Kay's Entrance/Old Black Magic
Kay's Entrance/Old Black Magic
Love isn't Born, it's Made
Love isn't Born, it's Made
Goody Goody
Goody Goody
Put The Blame on Maine
Put The Blame on Maine
The Canarsie Diner
The Canarsie Diner
Crazy New Worlds
Crazy New Worlds
The Long Goodbye
The Long Goodbye
Boppin' Cloudburst
Boppin' Cloudburst
Dressed to Kill
Dressed to Kill

James Rocco

James Rocco is an Award-Winning Director, Writer and Theatrical Consultant whose work has been seen on Broadway, off-Broadway, throughout the United States, London, Paris and Tokyo. In 2019, he was recognized by The Broadway League and The Coalition of Broadway Unions and Guilds for 25 years of dedication, craft and contribution to theater.  

From 2005-2017 he was the VP of Programming and Producing Artistic Director at Ordway Center for the Performing Arts.  As the Ordway representative with the Independent Producer’s Network, he was a producing partner and investor in the original productions of Fun Home, The Color Purple, Monty Python’s Spamalot and others.  James is a member of the National Alliance for Musical Theatre and co-founder of Thirty Saints Productions which creates the award-winning cabaret series: Broadway Songbook®. Thirty Saints is an investor in the current Broadway hit Come from Away and Magic Mike in London.

Albert Evans

Albert Evans wrote the music for the Off-Broadway hit Pageant, chosen by Time Magazine as one of the year’s ten best entertainment events. In addition to its [not it’s] many U.S. productions, Pageant has been performed in London, Australia, and Japan.

His lyrics are featured in a new performing edition of The Merry Widow, seen at New York City Opera and televised on Live from Lincoln Center (PBS).

For ten years, Mr. Evans was Composer-in-Residence at New Jersey’s Paper Mill Playhouse. He is now Artistic Associate at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, where he adapted the songs of George M. Cohan for the musical biography, Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Other scores include Nite Club Confidential, A Country Christmas Carol, and The Texas Chainsaw Musical.